Myeloablative Chemotherapy

Myeloablative Chemotherapy

Myeloablative Chemotherapy

Myeloablative chemotherapy is an aggressive form of chemotherapy. In this type of chemotherapy doctors, administer high dose chemotherapy drugs to kill the cancerous cells in the bone marrow. Cells mostly form in Bone marrow and in this treatment; doctors make sure that they nip the devil in the bud. This type of treatment mostly destroys the Lymphocytes, which becomes rogue.

How the lymphocytes become rogue?

Lymphocytes are necessary for the system. Their responsibility is to destroy the bacteria and other harmful substances in the blood. A person suffers from leukemia or any other kind of blood cancer that these Lymphocytes become rogue.

In such a scenario instead of killing the bacteria’s they start attacking the myelin sheath, which protect our nerves. These way lymphocytes become the danger to the nerves and nervous system. 

Myeloablative chemotherapy drugs make sure that they kill the cancerous cells, which are present in the blood. Over the period, the lymphocytes have the capacity to become cancerous cells. Myeloablative Chemotherapy makes sure that they attack the cells in the bone marrow so that they do not become a danger to existence.

Myeloablative chemotherapy for Leukemia 

Leukemia stems from the bone marrow. After being in the bone marrow for some time, they start spreading into the bloodstream. Over the course of months they are everywhere in blood.

Leukemia is a very dangerous disease and patients who suffer from this particular disease have very rare chances of survival. 

Myeloablative chemotherapy treatment is a type of drug treatment and in this treatment; oncologists make sure that they induce such drugs into the blood stream of leukemia patients, which have the capacity to kill the cancerous cells in the bone marrow. Once the cancerous cells are in the body then they multiply very fast. In this type of chemotherapy, treatment oncologists use such drugs, which attack the cancerous cells in the bone marrow.

It is an effective type of chemotherapy and oncologists prescribe this type of chemotherapy for patients who suffer from leukemia or any other kind of blood cancer.

Myeloablative chemotherapy

Myeloablative chemotherapy treatment side effects 

Side effects of Myeloablative chemotherapy treatment are vomiting, nausea, bloating, abdominal pains, cramps, mood swings, loss of hair, tingling of nerves, and damaging of nerves. Along with all this, the major Myeloablative Chemotherapy treatment side effect is that along with getting the cancerous cells this chemotherapy treatment also kill the normal cells. There is a possibility that cancer patients end up being anaemic. 

Despite of the side effects this treatment is almost everywhere because doctors and patients prefer Myeloablative chemotherapy treatment to the other methods to cure Leukemia.

Doctors prescribe complete rest for the patients who go through Myeloablative chemotherapy treatment because this treatment can cause a lot of dizziness and there are chances that the patient will suffer from hallucinations at some point as well. At the end of the day it is up to us to make sure that our body is cancer free and we can be certain only if we pay a regular visit to our doctors.

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